New Theme and 50% Off Sale and Giveaways

We have been working on this for a long time, and today we are excited to officially launch our new website! It’s powered by our own theme (BMD Hello There) that Brittney built from the ground up for the WordPress Platform. Many of you may have already noticed the changes as we have been working on implementing it over the last month or so, and we are now ready to tell everyone what we have done and what is planned for the near future.

Website Improvements

Categories and Filters

Something that we have dreamed about for a long time is an easy way to sort though our fonts to find what you’re looking for. Want a unicase outlined font? Simply check the outline and unicase boxes on the style filters and then click submit styles. We still have the traditional categories as well. Because fonts of any category can be handwritten, we have included that as a filter style rather than a category itself, however we still have the standard Sans, Script, and Serif categories, with a 4th category called Aesthetic for fonts which don’t holistically fall into one of the other categories.


We absolutely hated our site speed. Part of the problem was the original theme that Brittney used was completely outdated, and part of it was that we were using the wrong hosting plan. We have worked hard to build something that is both safe and fast. We hope after some time of trying it out on ourselves and some other sites ( and, we will be able to offer our new theme for sale.

Mobile Support

It was a bit embarrassing how NOT mobile friendly our old site was. We lost lots of visitors because they would come to the site and it was almost unusable on their phone. Sorry for that if it was you. 😢 But now we should be good to go! 😃 You should be able to easily look through and sort fonts on your phone or tablet.


Pinterest Sharing

Want to keep some of our work in mind for an upcoming project? We’re working on integrating pinterest pinning into the site.

Show and Tell

Soon, you will be able to show off your work using any of our fonts or add-ons right on the page we sell them. There will be an approval process to make sure everything is PG-13, but we would also love to share them on our social media with the internets.

And More!

We have a backlog of several things to add for you on the site including brushes, graphics, as well as our font tips to the blog.

The biggest announcement will be later this year. Right now, it’s just a secret… shhhh… Our goal is to tell you by the end of the summer what’s going on, but I can’t just yet. Any more than a whisper right now could destroy it. Okay, okay, fine! I can tell you a few things. We have been working on it for a few years now. We have been working with several other of our font designer friends, and I can’t guarantee it, but we think you are going to love it.

Sale & Giveaways!

Anyway, we are so excited for the new site, we are doing a 50% off sale. We have never done that before. It would be super cool if you could share it with your friends. We will have two giveaways on our Facebook page this week: one for a BMD gift card and the other for a T-shirt. The more that enter, the more we will give away. Simply make a comment on the posts if you see them for both the one today and later in the week for the gift card(s).

Lastly, thanks! Thanks for reading this and being a part of our community. Thanks for supporting us, and thanks for using our work. It’s absolutely fantastic to see the creative ways so many of you use our fonts!!!

Again, Thanks!

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