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Hickory Jack FontHickory Jack Font LettersGeorge RR Martin Quote in Hickory Jack Font

About The Hickory Jack Font Family

The Hickory Jack Font Family is a smooth script typeface created in 2016 by Brittney Murphy Design. Hickory Jack was Brittney’s first time experimenting with giving weight to different brushstrokes with a script while at the same time further developing a way she was comfortable connecting script letters. From the beginning, Brittney felt like the writing looked like an old handwritten pirate letter. Because of this for reasons unknown to anyone, she also created the new character Hickory Jack the Pirate and named it after him. Every conversation about the font involved speaking in a pirate voice.

Hickory Jack has over 350 glyphs and comes in two weights. The standard weighted version as well as a thin unweighted version.

Included in Download

  • Your purchase includes the full versions of
  • Hickory Jack (TTF and OTF versions)
  • Hickory Jack Light (TTF and OTF versions)
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What Can you Create?

The Hickory Jack Font gives a lot of character while still being very legible. We find the light versions work great for bylines and subtext to accent a large variety of fonts, while the standard version works great on its own or also as a subtext. Hickory Jack is often used on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media posts because it’s easy to read quickly for a text that you want to show for only a short time.

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