Font Licensing Information

font licensing information

To purchase a license, visit my fonts page, click on the font you would like to purchase a license for and then choose the appropriate license type.

Available Font Licensing Information

I have several different license types available. Please take a look at what each license type allows and choose the one that suits your needs. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding licensing and pricing.

Desktop License

Desktop Licenses cover basic commercial use and are perpetual. You can use fonts in designs for yourself or your client(s). You may also use fonts on products so long as individual letters are not the main selling point of the product (e.g. house numbers, alphabet stickers, etc.).

You will need to license the number of users you need. Users are the number of people or computers in your household or business who will be allowed to access the font.

See Demo Desktop EULA

EBook License

EBook Licenses allow you to embed fonts into Ebooks. This license is limited by the number of titles (you can purchase multiple if you are to be using the font in multiple books), but covers an unlimited number of sales, platforms, and subsequent versions.

See Demo EBook EULA

Webfont Licenses

I don’t currently offer webfonts on my website, but many of them are available via Fontspring. If there is a font you would like a webfont and license for that aren’t currently on Fontspring, please contact me.

Application License

Application Licenses allow you to embed the fonts into applications, provided the app does not allow end-users to create something using the fonts. This license is limited by the number of application titles (you can purchase multiple if you want to use a font in more than one app), but covers an unlimited number of copies, platforms, sales & installations, subsequent versions, and users of the app.

See Demo Application License

Server License

Server Licenses enable you to install the font on a server for a product creation website, which allows its customers to customize and purchase product creations (e.g. mugs, t-shirts, business cards, etc.) using the licensed fonts. This license is perpetual, but is limited by the number of websites you may embed the font in.

See Demo Server License

If you are interested in a less-expensive annual license instead of a perpetual one, please feel free to contact me.

BMD Font Collection License

The BMD Font Collection License is a bulk desktop license that includes all of the fonts that I have made* or will ever make.
*Currently, this includes 100+ fonts, together worth over $500.

If you would like to purchase this for multiple users, please contact me.

Specialty & Custom Licenses

Some specialty licenses are also available to cover additional uses, such as

If you are interested in or have any questions regarding one of these specialty licenses, please contact me. Please also contact me if you need a license for a different type of use not covered here and we can work on creating a custom license for you.