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Letters for Learners Font Family is a friendly, legible type set designed with young students in mind. The design of this font group helps anyone wanting to create handwriting worksheets for their children or students. Designed to allow your student to see a sample, trace the dots, and then write it all on there own. Designed in 2017, Letters for Learners Font Family has been used in hundreds of classrooms across the world and is one of the fonts we are most proud of, and are so glad to assist students everywhere in growing their handwriting skills.

The Letters for Learners Font Family includes four fonts: a solid handwritten version, a dotted version, a solid lined version and a dotted lined version. Each of these has over 300 characters, including many international letters.

Also, in the plain solid and dotted versions, you can use the ^ symbol for a lined space.

Over the last few years Letters for Learners has started to become a staple for Elementary Teacher’s tool boxes and we are so excited about that. We would love to see pictures of how you have been using it in your classroom and on your projects. Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your children’s and students’ education.

If you need to try the font before you buy it, you can download it at MakersType.

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