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Installing Fonts on Windows 10

The moment I discovered there were fonts that existed outside of what just comes on your computer was an almost spiritual moment for me. At some point when we are more comfortable with one another, I will share with you how I used Papyrus on my wedding invitations, because that was literally the only font… Continue Reading ›

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Fonts Have Feelings, Too

I might be one of the worst at writing descriptions for fonts. For a long time I just didn’t do it, because that felt like actual work, and let’s be honest, I am not about that life. 😉 However, for the last few years Michael has been forcing me to think about it more and… Continue Reading ›

Font Pairing Guide

Font Pairing Guide: 5 Quick Examples of Pairing Script and Standard Fonts

We wanted to offer up some answers for commonly asked questions we get about font pairing into a new series of font pairing guides. Our first tip? Pair script and standard fonts. Script and Standard Scripts are great! But they do tend to be ‘busy’. Try pairing one with another ‘busy’ font and they can… Continue Reading ›