Kitestrings Font Family


The Kitestrings Font Family is a cozy all-caps sans with elongated uppercase letters so you can mix and match as you please to create text with that custom, variable width style. It features imperfect outlines with soft, rounded corners, giving it a down-to-earth vibe.

It’s perfect for unique logos and branding and easy to customize. Use the uppercase, lowercase, or a mix of the two for totally different looks!

Font Family includes five fonts: Regular, Bold, Outline, Sketch & Stamp!

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    The Desktop license covers the most common uses. Each license covers one user to create graphics and files for things like logos, mockups, work sheets, type/text designs, etc. and use those images on tangible products like business cards, books, and shirts in some documents and other digital files. Learn More ▾

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    The eBook License allows you to embed fonts into eBooks, eMagazines, and eNewspapers. Learn More ▾

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    The Application License allows you to embed a font into applications (mobile, computer, etc.). Learn More ▾

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    The Server License allows you to install a font on the server of a product creation website. Learn More ▾

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